l’exception 2019


Organic red sparkling wine
Traditional method
Minimum of 18 months aging on lees

Size: 750 ml
Type: extra brut
Dosage: 2 g/L
Alcohol level: 11 %
Serving temperature: 14 °C
Recommended cellaring time: up to five years

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Vin “nature”
Suitable for vegans

Grape varieties: frontenac noir, frontenac gris, radisson

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Appearance: Bright red ochre sparkling wine with an energetic bubbly character.

Aromatics: The nose is expressive, deep and enticing. It’ll remind you of red liquorice (strawberry candy), with complementary floral notes of violet and hibiscus. There’s also a hint of cigar box evocative of wines showing a bit of evolution.

Palate: When you take a sip of L’Exception, you’ll be struck by the textural, enveloping aspect of the mousse. The fruit, primarily reminiscent of cassis, is sustained by the wine’s tension. In contrast with the very aromatic, fruity nose, the wine is dry on the palate and perfect for drinking with a meal.

L’Exception is a new way to showcase red bubblies, as it’s made through direct pressing of the grapes. The only ingredient is the delicate and balanced pulp of our Québec grape varieties. Its simple aromatic character, clean and precise, is everything you need in a gastronomic wine.

Pairings: This red sparkling wine is begging for some game meat (duck or venison) with a blackcurrant sauce. The contrasting presence of a light, bright effervescence and hibiscus aromas should make it a great counterpoint for earthy, oven-roasted beets, along with those proteins. Although L’Exception is highly suitable for more complex pairings, it can also do great with a simple charcuterie board.