Eve Rainville and Marc Théberge

The story of our vineyard is all about complementarity: within the couple and the family, first, but also between individuals and their family, between humans and the land. We understand that our family’s quality of life and that of our others around us are dependent on a sensible diet, drawn in a respectful manner from the surrounding ecosystem. Our curiosity, our creativity and our quest for constant improvement are all showcased strongly in our artisan sparkling wines, with their deeply human and authentically québécois expressions.
Our team is like a family. On the one hand, because it includes our actual children, Ophélie and Émile, but also because of the common values we share with all members of the team: respect for living things, mutual support and a sense of fun. It brings together passionate people from a wide range of fields, whether biology, viticulture, agriculture, sommellerie, graphic design, mechanics and business, who have trained in vineyards in Burgundy, the Loire and British Columbia. We are infinitely grateful to be able to count on the collective strength of a small, local, competent and highly energetic team. For us, it’s clear as day that we couldn’t do it all without them.

His puns and jokes are as eccentric as his hairstyle.


Mom, grandma, receptionist, cook: we just don’t know what we’d do without her. 


She came to visit for an article she was writing – and never left!


Musician, eco-warrior, militant... He was clearly a hippie in a previous life.


While some play with Barbie dolls as kids, others play with Le Nez du Vin. She has the sharpest nose around.


Always ready for teatime – or for a glass of Plus Petit Que.